Wisdom is Sweeter than Honey
Music CD


This is the second album composed by Catharina Dean in Wellington. Inspired by philosophical and scriptural writings, the music seeks to express the essential meaning with simplicity and beauty.

Singers and Musicians:
Juliet Kennedy (soprano)
Joanne Hodgson (soprano/alto)
Catharina Dean (alto)
Patrick Geddes (tenor)
Jonathan Kennedy (bass)
Oscar Bullock (violin)
Claire Macfarlane (violin II)
Paul Mitchell (cello)
Julie Coulson (piano)
Alex Dean (mandolin)

Composer: Catharina Dean
Producer: Christine Argyle
Engineer: Graham Kennedy
Graphic Design: Adam Errington
Recorded at Philosophy House 33 Aro Street Wellington New Zealand.

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The music concert

A music concert of the CD was performed on Saturday 28 April 2012 at Philosophy HouseĀ  33 Aro St Wellington. The concert singers were:
Juliet Kennedy
Joanne Hodgson
Cathy Dean
Patrick Geddes
Jonathon Kennedy.