Cultural Day

Students and members of the public are warmly invited to attend the annual Cultural Day, which offers a unique opportunity to explore various aspects of our history, our culture and our lives.

You will have the choice of three 75-minute workshops during the Day, and a delicious buffet lunch. No previous knowledge of the subjects is required. The fee is $40 per person (for all or part of the Day).

The 2017 Cultural Day is being held on Sunday 29 October


1Sacred sounding & chantCathy DeanAncient Vedic texts state that sacred sound is the direct path for conscious awakening – here is an opportunity to experience this in practice: gentle, simple and enlivening.
2Sourdough Bread 101Lynley GrahamBaking sourdough bread is very satisfying and the process can be adapted to suit most people's routines. Learn the basic steps to make successful sourdough bread and take home some sourdough starter to make your own flavoursome bread.
3Once upon a time...Jackie BedfordAn exploration of "story" and its importance in our lives, with reference to mythology.
4A hedonistic heathen’s guide to life through pilgrimageAndrew Suzuki The famous Camino de Santiago in Northern Spain has been walked since the Middle Ages. In undertaking the pilgrimage, Andrew made a film on the way. He shares his experience & learnings.
5FreedomNigel MurphyFreedom is one of the most talked about values in modern society. But how well do we know freedom? What exactly is it? What are we being freed from? Is freedom always a good thing?
6God’s Crucible:
the culture of tolerance in Medieval Spain
Bruce DeanMuslims, Christians & Jews learned to live with one another in Medieval Spain, and from this cross-cultural fertility came the knowledge and understanding for the cultural rebirth of Europe.
7Approaching the Guru Khandu & Vandna Patel Share the Patel family journey/pilgrimage in the footsteps of Adi Shankara, who enlivened the four seats (math) of Shankaracharya. The pilgrimage takes them on a spectacular journey through northern India, with the highlight of an audience with the current Shankaracharya of the North in Badrinath.
8A mindful approach to learning another language Quintin RidgewayWhy was learning and language so different for you as a child? We will look at myths and assumptions about language learning and examine the importance of mindfulness, attention and the ability to connect with what is really going on. Quintin is a professional in this field.


9.00amWelcome/Introduction (Main Hall)
9.15amSession 1
1) Sacred sounding & chant
2) Sourdough Bread 101
3) Once upon a time...

10.30amMorning tea
11:00amSession 2
4) A hedonistic heathen’s guide to life through pilgrimage
5) Freedom
6) God’s Crucible: the culture of tolerance in Medieval Spain
1.15pmSession 3
7) Approaching the Guru
8) A mindful approach to learning another language


Cultural Day
(You don't have to be a current student to attend the Day)

Workshop preferences

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Session 3 (Workshop options - 7, 8)


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